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The Literature Muse Unauthorized Bio

-would I lie to you?-



Vital Statistics

April 29, 1974 - the Literature Muse is born in East Stroudsburg, PA.  There is much rejoicing.

1977 - Reads first book without the help of parents.                    We like to hop on top of Pop.

1979 - Starts kindergarten in Klamath Falls, OR.

1980-84 - Attends elementary school in San Jose, Redding, and Manzanita.  Likes English.  Hates Math.

1984 - Admitted to the Johns Hopkins program for gifted students.  Is unable to attend any of the seminars or classes due to "financial constraints".

1984-87 - Attends middle school in San Jose, Campbell, and Fresno.

1987-91 - Attends high school in Felton.  Likes English.  Hates Math.

1991 - Takes proficiency test.  Is horrified by how easy it is.  Passes.

1991-93 - Attends Cabrillo College in Aptos.  Drops English class because teacher, in his own words, "can't spell".

1993 - Meets the Evil Ex.

1994 - Moves to Bellingham, WA.  Stays there for four years.  Isn't sure why.                      Exciting, innit?


1998 - Moves back to California.  Finds magical library card buried beneath a pile of old books.  Acquires mystical powers of divination and proper grammar.  Adopts the name "The Literature Muse".

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