A Word To The Wise

Take your ball & go home

...you asked for it...


the color blue

silver (the metal) (and the color, now that I think about it)

words like transubstantiationalism and floccinaucinihilipilification

backrubs that are not too hard but not too soft, either

neckrubs that are too hard


cats (not the musical)

singing along

smart boys

pretty girls

when Glen hits the note


having my picture taken

looking at anything by Rembrandt, Rodin, Schiele or Klimt

wearing black

a good argument that isn't about anything that directly affects me

making lists

shoulderblades (either gender)

bony knuckles

kissing (if it's good)

a good book

"discovering" something cool on the internet

writing letters

my cat

having enough money

(other people) driving fast



a long bath with bubbles

Nick running upstairs with me

waking up with someone I love

yummy-feeling tights and stockings

walking because I want to

a cup of hot chocolate

potatoes and eggs

wheat bread toast with butter mmMMMmmm

holding hands

a mid-afternoon nap

that moment when you're doing a drawing or a story or a poem when you look over it and know you're finished, and it's good


feeling stupid

working for my money

being ignored

old spatulas with the melty bits at the end that scrape the non-stick off of frying pans

stale cookies

the "Soft Strong" Kotex commercial


people touching my earlobes

strangers talking to me

boiled onions

needing to shave my legs, pluck my eyebrows, etc...I should be able to train my hair to not grow in places

people talking about me behind my back

mispronouncing words (me or someone else)

being called "Jennifer"

people asking if my last name is French

having the alarm go off right in the middle of a really good dream that I was kissing someone like Richard Ashcroft or David Duchovny

yellow gold (on anything)

Kevin Costner

shoes that are too tight in the toes

snagging my nylons

walking because I have to

being tired

being bullied

finding a pickle in my sandwich after I've already taken a big bite


bad teeth

bigotry, prejudice, ignorance & oppression (and you thought I was superficial...)

being told to smile

waiting for e-mail


paper cuts

when my cat is sick


waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I'm suffocating because someone left the damned window closed

shoes that squeak, rattle, or otherwise make noise

people inexplicably taking it upon themselves to tell me how I should be expressing myself, living my life, writing my books or taking care of my cat


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